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It's "ehl" (like the letter)

Hi! I'm Elle. I am a graphic designer and calligrapher in Norman, Oklahoma. I realized early into an Aerospace Engineering degree that you can solve problems in an art setting too, not just with math and science. So I jumped ship and found the world of graphic design.

I graduated with a Visual Communication degree in 2013, and took a career detour to serve international students with a local campus ministry. That experience was not without creative relevance: I learned how to start an organization from scratch through networking and marketing, and I had the opportunity to do print work under our national brand.

I'm currently on the hunt for a graphic design job! Most of my experience is in designing print and marketing collateral under a corporate brand. I'm curious about environmental graphic design, and how properly placed signage can eliminate stress for the user. I see a link between environmental graphic design and user experience design, so I'm currently tinkering with Adobe Experience Design and app development.

Outside of design, I love my book club, swing dancing, and kimchi. And - in case it's a deal breaker, you should know: I prefer tea over coffee, every time.

You can reach me via email at
hello [at] ellemanndesign [dot] com